Central office: Ukraine, Zaporizhia, 69007. vul. Vereshahyna 17. Kiev office: Ukraine, Kiev, 03039. vul. Holoseevska 13

Argip festeners

Argip is a family-run leading fastener supplier company in Poland with clients worldwide. The company was found in Poznan in 1992.
Argip offers 30+ high-quality product categories, including inch fasteners, clamping elements, disc springs, screws, plugs, tools, lubrication equipment and many other options.

The company is famous for it’s unique approach to warehousing (31,000+ pallet places), reliable 24/7 delivery systems and thorough quality control: the products undergo tensile strength and hardness tests, have their surface coating measured, and also goes through the salt spray test examination.

Partnership with TECHSNABCOMPLECT SERVICE: since 2017