Central office: Ukraine, Zaporizhia, 69007. vul. Vereshahyna 17. Kiev office: Ukraine, Kiev, 03039. vul. Holoseevska 13


The experience and expertise of TECHSNABCOMPLECT include professional distribution of the low-voltage complex devices components since 2011. During these 17+ years, we managed to develop fast logistics and our own highly effective warehouse culture.

TECHSNABCOMPLECT provides the fastest and the most flexible terms and conditions. All the products we provide are certified and officially imported to Ukraine. Our clients can have access to all the documents and distributor certificates.

We earned the trust from the brands of our partners via hard work and dedication. We are fluent in all our partners’ brand products. Brands also provide us with something special and benefitial:

– a direct mediation between the brand and the client regarding loyalty programs and brands specials;

– access to the brands’ warehouses and unique warehouses partnership conditions with each brand.

Being a direct distributor allows TECHSNABCOMPLECT to provide the fastest logistics with no need for reseller’s delivery costs. Our office and warehouse in Kiev region can provide any additional service if needed.